Friday, February 08, 2019

Kansas City Wide Open Thread Friday News

Hottie Ashley inspires us to take another peek at the bikini game and its impact on pop culture. Checkit:

USmag: Ashley Graham Goes Roller Skating in a Bikini in the Swimsuits For All Resort 2019 Campaign

Insider: Ashley Graham's workout routine may be intense, but it's never boring

QZ: Inclusive fashion is the future of runways and retail

Closer to home, these news links also attract our attention:

Frosty Kansas City Comeback

Why Should We Listen To Team Hillary???

Seg. 1: Kansas City's Black Experience Captured On Film. Seg. 2: Sen. Tim Kaine Back On The Stump.

For a long time African Americans did not have the same documented written sources as others in this country. Historian Delia Cook Gillis says this is one reason why visual images are important. They document lost narratives with an artistic story.

Celebrate Kansas City Lucky Bastard

Kansas City man wins $100K in Missouri Lottery scratchers game

A Kansas City man has won a $100,000 prize through the Missouri Lottery's "100X The Cash" scratchers game.Jonathan Campbell bought the ticket from Murphy USA on North Church Road on Jan. 28, the Missouri Lottery said. "100X The Cash" is a $20 ticket.

Freebie Family Time Downtown

New 'Journey to Oz' experience opens at Crown Center

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to get an inside look at the Wicked Witch's castle and Dorothy and the Munchkins' world at Crown Center.In honor of the 80th anniversary of the "Wizard of Oz" , "Journey to Oz," a free family attraction, is opening its doors Saturday in the Crown Center Shops.The exhibit is open through May 12 and brings the magic of L.

Fake Gronk Tech Talk

Travis Kelce talked technology and style at Microsoft's Make Style Happen event

Last week in Atlanta, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce may not have been on the field playing for a Super Bowl ring, but he was definitely in good company at The Garage - a lounge located in the heart of Atlanta's Tech Square - participating in Microsoft's invite-only, star-powered fashion show: Make Style Happen - The Future of Fashion.

Local Teachable Moment

His name is all over Kansas City. So... who is Bruce R. Watkins?

Kansas City, MO - The name of Bruce R. Watkins is found across Kansas City - the stretch of Highway 71, the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center and Watkins Brothers Memorial Chapel. "He was the first African-American elected to citywide office, City Council," said his son, Bruce R. Watkins Jr.

Hipster Niceness This Weekend

Be Our Neighbor With A Cardigan-Inspired Beer & Other Weekend Possibilities

Slip on a cardigan sweater and meet your neighbors. Strange Days Brewing Co. (316 Oak St.) is hosting a watch party from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday for "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" - the documentary about the life and career of Fred Rogers. Strange Days will debut Hoppy Cardigan, its hop-laden pilsner at the event.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Time Kaine is a homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Open Thread

You do of course realize the term open thread has been obsolete for well over a decade right?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ No U.

Anonymous said...

The term Open Thread was invented back in the AOL-CompuServe disc days circa 95ish.

Is in fact rarely if ever used anymore.

Moderator said...

Stay On Topic!


Anonymous said...

Ah yah the good ol' AOL chatroom days. OMG were an advanced technological civilization!

Anonymous said...

That was before the advertising and marketing industry hijacked the internet. Actually the web started it's demise with Shawn Fanning encouraging everyone to steal shit that doesn't belong to you up until the blogging era began. Then Social Media finished off the internet. And the morons inherited it.

Anonymous said...

Golden Age of the web was about 95-98. Pretty much no ads and bullshit. Google was still a couple rigged computers sitting on a table at Stanford.

Anonymous said...

The internet media has become nothing more then a memory hole that events are shoved down and extinguished in.

Anonymous said...

Apps are the biggest con to come down the pike. Data mining and mind control. The possibilities for profit are endless.

Anonymous said...

Kelce dresses like pee wee Herman, adult theaters beware! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is all classic open thread stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I would screw that Ashley Graham real deep and hard. She could take it.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Tony,i applaud you for cutting back on the Leanne Crowe content and focusing more on Ashley Graham.

Travis Kelce seriously suffers from white guilt.

Anonymous said...

So is Tim

Anonymous said...


When I heard that Ashley had a BUG up her ass, it was closer to the truth than I'd imagined!!!

Anonymous said...

Is she taking a dump in that van ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 1995 was the golden era for the internet.

14.4 baud rates were awesome for loading porn.

_O/ ,
\ / \O_
/\_ `\_\ ,/\/
\ ` , \ /
` O/ / /O\ \

Anonymous said...

Ashley is not a hottie.. Fat... yes

Gus said...

No more lardass models