Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Kansas City Tuned Out Snore Bowl Big Game

Raitings aftermath and a glimpse at Kansas City eating sour grapes and not BBQ on Sunday night. Take a look:

Super Bowl TV ratings decline with help from KC, NO | Belleville News-Democrat

The overnight television ratings for the Super Bowl hit a 10-year low. New England Patriots' fatigue, ticked-off New Orleans Saints fans probably contributed to the viewership numbers for the Pats win over the LA Rams in Super Bowl LIII.


Super Dave said...

I have not heard a single person make even a hint of a positive comment about this game. I didn't really plan to watch it and as it worked out I didn't. Sounds like in the end folks like me who missed it were the real winners.

Anonymous said...

^^You've never been a winner a day in your whole bloated, miserable life.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Nor have you so there fuck face.