Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Night Collection

A quick peek at boobs on the political front inspired by this classic lad mag iconic imagery:

Fast Company: Rachel Johnson strips naked for Brexit

MirrorUK: Rachel Johnson 'exposes breasts' live on Sky News to aid Brexit discussion

Closer to home, here's an important collection of news for tonight that's not all snow related. Checkit:

Home Team Good Deeds

Kansas City Royals: Celebrating success off the field

Jeffrey Flanagan has a knack for story telling, and the Kansas City Royals are phenomenal at giving him good things to report. Fourteen players at the Royals Dominican Republic Academy received their high school degrees recently. With players from the Dominican Republic who go to the Academy, they typically drop out of school around age 13 or 14 to try and get signed.

Kansas Foodie Break

Kansas lawmakers hear testimony on lowering sales tax on groceries

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Advocates for low-income families joined small-town grocers and others encouraging Kansas lawmakers to reduce the state's sales tax on groceries, while lobbyists for some organizations warned doing so might lead to efforts to reduce other types of taxes.

Show-Me Charity Plug Kindness

Missouri bill would require free tampons in prisons

Rich Pedroncelli SOURCE: Rich Pedroncelli Women in Missouri prisons could get free access to tampons and sanitary napkins under a bill moving through the state House.House members in a Tuesday voice vote gave initial approval to the proposal .St. Louis-area Democratic Rep.

Rock Chalk Booze Data

Kansas is the 5th cheapest place to get a beer in country

A little good news for beer lovers. Turns out the Kansas is the cheapest place west of the Mississippi you get a beer - actually 24 of them - a new survey found. In fact, the Sunflower State is pretty cheap no matter where you are.

Old School Price Spike???

Missouri lawmakers to consider ending tax break for seniors who rent

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) -- Some Republican lawmakers in Missouri want to end a tax break for low-income senior citizens who live in rental housing. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Republican Sen. Wayne Wallingford is sponsoring a measure to make the so-called "circuit breaker" tax credit only available to homeowners during the 2019 tax year.

Latest Kansas City Foodie List

Sneak peek: Yelp's Top 5 places to eat in Kansas City

What are the best places in eat in Kansas City? There are so many great options all over the metro, but Yelp has done all the homework for you.On Wednesday, Yelp announces its annual Top 50 Places to Eat in Kansas City for 2019.

Rock Chalk Boozy Milestone

Tap List | Free State Brewing Company Celebrates 30 Years of Beer

Free State Brewing Co. celebrates with one tap for every year of its existence this Saturday when Bier Station puts 30 of the Lawrence-based brewery's beers behind the bar. Free State, founded by Lawrence native Chuck Magerl in 1989, has been the standard-bearer for craft beer in the Sunflower State.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^ That’s awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Missouri has lost its mind, free everything for prisoners and tax the elderly, good grief what the hell is wrong with this dipshit in shitty Louis thinking

Anonymous said...

^^^It's not like days of yore, when most elderly people were as poor as church mice. Nowadays they are as a group well-to-do, and generally can and should pay taxes like other age groups. If you want an age related tax benefit, give it to the young who are getting started on their own.