Monday, February 18, 2019

Kansas City Still Booming?!?!?

Sketchy premise from Fox News argues for the Heartland economy and lower cost of living but on the ground level our blog community can see that advantage quickly fading. However, this report simply confirms the same problems confronting this town are even worse across the nation.


Gilded Age 2.0: U.S. Income Inequality Increases to Pre-Great Depression Levels

And then a few local references here:

Don't put flyover country in a corner. It's leading America's urban boom.


Anonymous said...

KCMO is definitely booming in the hood. Murder rate ahead of all previous years. People can hear many booms each night. This activity provides KCMO with enough momentum to reach top 5 murder rate nationwide.

Anonymous said...

KC is booming alright the scum from California have screwed up that state and are now moving here. They are polluting our city now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, kids - zip into Kansas City as soon as you graduate - Sprint is hiring, it seems that they have openings, since any employee who can get ANY other job is grabbing the first one they are offered!

Make a career with this High-tech Giant on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing Communications Industry.
Long-term careers guaranteed!
Lavish Retirement Benefits!
Exciting work environment!

And a hip, cool Downtown vibe - e-scooter to work!

Anonymous said...

KC booming?!? We have a narrative here! It can’t be booming because it’s tiring into Detroit!!! It’s a democratic mayor who we hate! It can’t be booming because we say do! What about the crime? The potholes? The snow removal? Our blog posters are right not Fox News!!!! This can’t be!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crime is booming. Parked one block away from the Sprint Center for the Blake Shelton concert and it only took three hours for the thieves to break my car windows. I thought I would be safe with the cold weather, that the thugs would remain indoors. Wrong. Welcome to Kansas City - just don't park anywhere in downtown, especially that shithole Jazz District. Uber everywhere or don't go.

NicK Beach said...

"Urban Boom"? the only growth is in the suburbs and large towns

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. Bet you miss your 8-track.