Thursday, February 21, 2019

Kansas City Star Against Bible Study

Park University is offering an e-sports program for young hopefuls training to one day become among the growing class of professional gamers. Meanwhile, the newspaper makes a flimsy argument against placing one of the world's most highly influential texts in a highly controlled classroom environment for further examination of its historical, social and cultural impact.

In fairness, recent KCMO education news offers celebration simply over attendance scores so many the contemplation of ancient philosophy is asking too much.

Take a look:

Bible classes shouldn't be taught in Missouri public schools | The Kansas City Star

A proposed measure in the Missouri legislature would allow public schools to offer Bible classes as an elective. Schools already have the right to use religious books, and lawmakers should reject the legislation.


Anonymous said...

Can’t have a class on the Bible but it’s ok for faggots to dress up like girls.

Anonymous said...

It’s predictable the Star takes an anti-God stance even though the allegiance says “one nation under God...”

What’s ironic?

The Star’s only hope to remain is a prayer. The godless editorial board has alienated half the readers and most readers don’t find anything compelling enough to pay for news .. let alone opinions... and one-sided godless opinions.

What we do know: Although the Star is against a wall - there is a already a nice walk around the pearly gates. It will keep the godless editorial board out... 100% Guaranteed it works- effectively.

Anonymous said...

The red Star strikes again, and don't you dare criticize a rag head.

Anonymous said...

I don't want my tax dollars going to bible study. ^^^If you fucking flag wrapping dipshits want biblical studies, send your kids to private schools and pay for it. This country was founded on freedom of religion (your prerogative to send your kids to private 'church' schools) and separation of church and state (ie my tax money). You'd think Conservative, small government assholes would understand and be down with this concept.