Saturday, February 16, 2019

Kansas City St. Patrick Mahomes Canonized

This town is already planning many weeks of March drunkenness and today starts the prep with some fanboy gear that has been deemed newsworthy. Read more:

"St. Patrick Mahomes" shirts to go on sale Saturday

On Thursday, KMBC got a sneak peak at some new Patrick Mahomes t-shirts. Ultimate Athletic Sportswear in Parkville Missouri printed the shirts all Thursday night so they can go on sale this weekend at HyVee stores. The "St. Patrick Mahomes" shirts will be finished Friday morning.


Barney Frank said...

They are marketing every angle of the "Magic Mulatto" that they can.

Anonymous said...

Just wait - you'll see a lot of Kansas City's "Black Irish" actually wearing these ridiculous things!

Anonymous said...

Let the kid ride the wave and take the cash.
At least he isn't "taking a knee".

Anonymous said...

These professional athletes are laughing their balls off at you rubes wearing their merchandise and names on your backs.

Have some goddamned pride for chrissakes!

Barney Frank said...

His dad is just drooling at the potential of a 200 million dollar contract on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find my $90.00 football?

Seriously, if you buy one of these, you need a lobotomy.

Oops, in KC you'll have to stand in line for that procedure.