Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kansas City Newspaper Reports Scintillating Story Of Kangaroo Crib Notes

A torrid tale that has NOBODY talking . . . More on this one later but for now we dare anybody to tell us why this story merits much coverage. Notice TV news has pretty much ignored any mention of the city college journalism. Read more:

UMKC Says Pharmacy Professor Stole Student's Research And Sold It For $1.5 Million

The University of Missouri on Tuesday sued a professor who has been accused of exploiting student labor, alleging he defrauded the university of at least $1.5 million by stealing a student's research and selling it.


One of the mayors butt licking lemmings. said...

Everything is wonderful. How bout that new donuts place that just opened up? Oh and Kraske said the recession is over. All because of our great mayor.

Anonymous said...

UMKC sucks at oversight and always has.

A while back a renegade Dean of Biological Sciences was allowed to rampage unchecked because of the size of the grants he was hauling in, and almost lost the University their accreditation from the AMA.

Then two grifters from China blew into town and suckered Henry Bloch out of $60 million.

Recently the current Dean of Arts and Sciences screwed up the chances of getting an off-Campus Performing Arts venue, so UMKC fell back on a thirty-year-old plan to build an extension onto the antique PAC located on Campus.

This probably results from the revolving door that Chancellors fly in and out of at the School, and the practice of the Board of Regents letting their friends and acquaintances spend a few years padding their resumes at UMKC, and more recently staffing the PR and "Communications" departments with KC Star rejects..

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Damn fine comment!

Bob said...

The attorney general of Missouri should sue the professor AND the pharmaceutical company for making this agreement without proof that the professor owned the product. This should be an easy fix.

Rabbi Fred Neulander said...

"We need Immigrants". -- Donald Trump