Saturday, February 23, 2019

Kansas City Newsie Talk This Week

Local journalists share a round-table conversation about topics that were more hotly and interestingly debated either on this blog or via social media. Still, here's how the pros watch the news . . . Checkit:

"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Steven Dial, Brian Ellison and Dave Helling discuss the impact of snow removal costs, ideas lawmakers are considering to raise revenues including a tax on hybrid and electric vehicles, sports betting and ending stadium subsidies, the Amazon HQ shakeup, affordable housing, resistance to a homeless shelter in Olathe, remarks by the JCCC President, the petition process & more."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

They are starting to look and sound like neanderthals.

Fat-phobic misogynist said...

This is the gold standard thinga ma-jig.

Thanks For Wasting My Time said...

About as useful and informative as staring off into empty space.

Anonymous said...


How many people on this program were wearing wigs?
Ask Ellison and Helling for the answer.

Why did Brian Ellison bring up LGBT issues when they were discussing subsidies for the Chief's stadium?

Why did Dave Helling decide not to take the Star/McClatchy early retirement buyout offer?

Does Cat Reid really have a brother named Dog?

Is Nick Haines originally from Texas, but adopted a Welsh accent to break into broadcasting when he realized KCPT is a sucker for all things British?