Thursday, February 14, 2019

Kansas City "News" Valentine's Day 2019

Okay, these links don't really qualify as "news" but they provide the training or proving ground for local newsies who are starting out, about to give up for just pulled the short straw in covering lovely but not so captivating items . . . Kinda like that rebound college GF.


Crackdown Because They Care

KCPD ramps up seatbelt enforcement on Valentine's Day

Kansas City - This Valentine's Day, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department will be joining efforts with statewide law enforcement tomorrow, Feb. 14, for a high visibility "Click It or Ticket" mobilization to get more motorists to buckle up - and save more lives.

NextGen Continues Tradition Of Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Looking for love: Kansas City millennials turn to matchmaking over apps

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- This Valentine's Day, there are more ways to look for love than ever. With so many different online dating apps, it can be overwhelming sifting through all those profiles. So, more traditional dating services are making a comeback, even for millennials.

Gender Stereotype News

What women want for Valentine's Day

KANSAS CITY, MO. -What do women want for Valentine's Day? Chocolate and flowers aren't necessarily at the top of their lists! Skip the sweets and try hiring a sitter. Watch to see what else might make a great gift for the woman you love.

And a quick card just to remind locals about one of many consequences of this day of love taken too far for people who would make good scapegoats:

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

A made up holiday for the retail industry.

chuck said...

My formula for hot chicks is-

Pussy times pulchritude, divided by proximity = inverse, exponential price/danger/reward divided by cash.

Happy Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

^^says the Incel who hates women. Rich.

Anonymous said...

^^ Proof of the adage "You can't fix stupid".

Anonymous said...

^^^Proof of the adage "Morons should bee seen not heard."

Anonymous said...

8:36 Give the man credit. Typed and posted with his boyfriends dick in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

KCPD seat belt enforcement on valentines, thanks guys, nothing kills the romantic mood faster then a ticket.