Monday, February 25, 2019

Kansas City Monday Midday Serving

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FC: Meet the executives who have made Netflix food TV

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No They Didn't

These Two Chefs Are Trying To Put Kansas City-Style Pizza On The Map

For the past three years at Long-Bell Restaurant in Lee's Summit, co-owners Jayson Eggers and Aaron Mulder have been working on their specialty: Kansas City-style pizza. "We haven't really seen it anywhere else other than typical Chicago style," Eggers says.

Cowtown Second Slice

Pizzeria claims it's created Kansas City-style pizza

Within the pizza canon, there are established, unquestionable regional styles: foldable New York-style slices, New Haven, Detroit-style pan, Chicago-style deep dish and tavern-style. And then, there's the gray area. We've seen the Land Of A Thousand Lakes assert that Minnesota-style pizza exists (Minnesota native Andrew Zimmern's take?

More Boozy Offered

City Barrel Brewing Co. Looks to Get Hoppy on Holmes

Shrimp get a quick cure in sour beer at City Barrel Brewing Co. (1740 Holmes St.), which opens this Friday in the Crossroads. The sour beer ceviche is just one of the reasons - a wine-beer hybrid and brews based on Tiki drinks are among the others - that City Barrel is going to alter your idea of what a brewery in Kansas City should be.

House Queen Debut

Bethenny Frankel to Headline Greater Kansas City Home & Lifestyle Show

Bethenny Frankel, the self-made businesswoman, TV producer, natural foods chef, will headline the 2019 show. Frankel is the founder and CEO of the Skinnygirl brand. She was listed on Forbes' top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities and is a "guest shark" on ABC's hit TV show Shark Tank.

Boozy Snake-Oil Now On Sail

Hogshead Rolls Out Two New Cocktail Menus, Including CBD-Infused and Non-Alcoholic Options

It took over six months, but chef Clark Grant has finally rolled out four new CBD-infused cocktails at Hogshead, the restaurant he co-owns with Shawn McClenny on the Country Club Plaza. Hogshead is one of the first restaurants in Kansas City to jump on this new food and drink trend.

Locals Need Gift Of Life

Winter blood shortage continues beyond the new year in Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Due to winter weather and the holidays, area hospitals and the Community Blood Center are operating in a blood emergency. CBC's inventory took a large hit during the height of the holiday season and continues to see a significant drop in donations due to the cold and flu season, and winter weather, including the snow and ice storms that canceled local blood drives over the past three weeks.

Kansas City Doggie Good Deeds

145 pets waking up in warm homes after KC Pet Project adoption event

KC Pet Project adoption event KC Pet Project says 145 pets woke up in a warm home this morning instead of the shelter after a massive adoption event over the weekend.KC Pet Project held its Winter Frenzy Fee-Waived Adoption event over the weekend.

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