Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Kansas City Mayoral Candidate And Transit Activist Clay Chastain Argues Against 'Bias' As Court Sides With City Hall Profiling

Update on a court fight facing Kansas City's transit activist mayoral candidate . . .

Chastain: Appeals Court (for the establishment) overturns lower court and rules city can falsely profile mayoral candidate Clay as dangerous

Our heroes at the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District have done it again, and ruled in favor of Kansas City's corrupt big bad brother government over lowly citizens. This sorry court of the establishment, which has also ruled in favor of the city involving every petition dispute brought before it and was in fact overruled by the Missouri Supreme Court ((8-0)) for its failure to direct the city to place Clay's 2011 light rail petition before voters), just overturned the Honorable Judge Kevin D. Harrell's ruling in favor of mayoral candidate Clay Chastain. Why? Personal bias.

The appeals court overruled Judge Harrell and said Sly James' angelic-acting city has protection from liability (by way of sovereign immunity) even when the city directs its security force to falsely profile an innocent citizen as "dangerous" (for political payback), and have that non-dangerous citizen escorted about city hall by an armed security guard!

I guess this appeals court would protect the city if it ordered its security force to take Clay to the basement and beat the crap out of him every time Clay tries to enter city hall and deliver a petition.

How on earth can this court rule the city is protected from liability when it deliberately and maliciously performs an ILLEGAL ACT against an innocent citizen (for purposes of political retaliation - not security) by ordering its security force to falsely profile a citizen as dangerous when that citizen is not dangerous to city hall, the community or anyone else?

To the appeals court judges: How was the city performing security at city hall when the citizen they told their security force was "dangerous" was not "dangerous" in any aspect whatsoever, and was in fact often accompanied to city hall by his adolescent daughter when he and she were both placed under armed security guards??????

The city's defamatory act against against citizen Clay had nothing whatsoever to do with providing security at city hall, nor was the city performing a governmental provision of security. The city knew that, and this court knew that.

The most undermining, harmful and defamatory thing a government can do to a community activist, or any citizen in this day and age, is to falsely profile them as "dangerous."

The city is now emboldened to do whatever it wants to its political opponents or to their valid petitions, because they now know the good ole Missouri Court Of Appeals Western District will have their back.

The courts are supposed to rule according to the law and not ignore or twist the law to serve its inherent bias. We already have a government in Kansas City we can't trust, and now it looks like we have an appeals court we can't trust either.

Mayoral candidate, Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Its no surprise that instead of taking the loss with class, Clay chooses to resort to conspiracy theory rhetoric and Trump-like attacks on the judiciary. For someone who consistently loses a super majority of his legal arguments and challenges, you'd think he'd eventually just realize he isn't as smart as he thinks he is and hire a real attorney.

Anonymous said...

VVV Not a loss, you Ass, a temporary setback!
When we Kansas City Voters elect him Mayor, it's going to take more than a pet Judge for the criminals at City Hall to keep him out!

And the "conspiracy" is a proven fact, Slime James had Chastain put on a secret list, and had his uniformed goons trying to intimidate him! That is a classic Conspiracy!

Of course, the corrupt election system in this town (70+% approving demolition of KIC? Please!) won't reflect the majority vote, but there WILL be a recount, and Chastain WILL be one of the two finalists!

People will vote for him if, for no other reason, to condemn the assholes currently on the Council, and to at least get the restoration of this City started!

Anonymous said...

@10:57 is right!
And it's James apologists like @10:40 that are convincing more people every day to vote for Clay!

Anonymous said...


BlightMeKC said...

Another reason to vote straight “No” when asked at the voting booth whether this judge or that judge should be retained. None of them should be retained for any reason.

Anonymous said...

Where do I get my Clay Chastain's, or any other white taxpayer candidate's yard sign?

Anonymous said...

^^^from your mother's bedroom. She's fucking him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will they still escort him when he's elected Mayor? That will be awkward.

Anonymous said...

^^^ he’ll have them all fired and hire bus loads of hot babes to protect him! He gets my vote for that right there!

Anonymous said...

Clay has done some great things for KC. People shouldn't forget that. He has helped move our city forward. How many other candidates can say that?