Monday, February 11, 2019

Kansas City Love Week Early Start Roundup

Quick early morning news tease that considers hottie Sara Sampaio and just a hint and the high anticipation disappointment to come . . .

CNBC: Victoria's Secret is still trying to sell sexy. And it isn't working

Closer to home, these news links make a good start to the news day . . .

Romance & Dance Inside The Loop
Love, Ballet & Elton are in the air this Valentine's week
Weather And Street Thaw Finally Allows Kansas City Hand Up Help

Meals on Wheels plan to resume deliveries this week

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - After days of having to cancel meal deliveries due to icy conditions and bitter cold temperatures, Meals on Wheels hopes to resume feeding clients on Monday. Last week, the service cancelled deliveries from Wednesday to Friday.

Learning About Lower Expectations
How Trade School Can Lead To Jobs Or College For These North Kansas City Students
No More Moose

Kansas City Royals: A Mike Moustakas reunion isn't in the cards

Kings of Kauffman has had a few readers reach out and ask if Mike Moustakas might return to the Kansas City Royals. While it is not impossible, it is highly improbable for the pair to reunite. Fear not, however, Moose will live on through the spirit of Brett Phillips and Jorge Lopez.

Local Grammy Sound Echos

Local Grammy connection for Dan and Shay

Kansas City knows Mike Kennedy from Q104 and Sunday night he's watching the Grammys with less of an ear for the next hot artist and more from the standpoint of

Kansas City Wild Bill Talk

Tom Clavin & the True Story of Wild Bill Hickok

Week of February 10, 2019: Army scout, federal marshal, gambler, showman -- best-selling author Tom Clavin talks about his latest book, "Wild Bill: The True Story of the American Frontier's First Gunfighter." Clavin kicked off his national book tour this week in Kansas City, where he visited with KPR's Kaye McIntyre.

The Sketchy Monday Morning

Freezing drizzle could lead to icy patches Monday morning

A fog advisory and winter weather advisory is in effect for the metro area until 9 a.m. Monday.Freezing drizzle and fog might lead to icy patches on the Monday morning commute.

Julia Michaels - What A Time ft. Niall Horan is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

So is Victoria’s Secret going the way of Abercrombie? That’s too bad. I blame the west plaza and Westport SJW types of people for this. The fat butch that screams in the air about misogyny when they see a beautiful woman being adorned by a non homosexual male.

DeBergerac said...

Very bitter @5:50, but if you ever left Mommy's basement you'd realize that Real Women have stopped believing in the myths portrayed by those "Airbrushed Annies", and that Real Men applaud them for it.

One of the greatest unsung Philosophers of our times, Groucho Marx, once said...
"Women dress for other Women, if they dressed for Men, their Clothing Stores would never sell anything but the occasional Sun Visor!".

All these "recreational underwear" stores are hurting for sales because they've overlooked a couple of facts - Women have grown up, and they have mirrors!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Entertain me.

Anonymous said...

False. What drives the SJW totalitarians is bitter envy. There is now and always will be a market for what most people consider attractive.

Sorry. Blame the fictional patriarchy if you like.

Anonymous said...


As soon as the elevator opened on my floor, Sara greeted me with a POLAR BARE!!!

DeBergerac said...

Not blaming anyone, @7:54, just saying that some of us with male plumbing have matured and moved out of the fourteen-year-old's world of fantasy.

But go ahead and do your thing, who knows, maybe someday some Supermodel will tumble down the stairs to your place and fall madly in love with you.

A word of advice though - don't start crying if she ever gets a pimple!

Anonymous said...

Your strawman is irrelevant. Women of almost any body style can be attractive--including those living and breathing real women who actually look good in lingerie. Sorry to tell you, but that extends to a much broader segment than fourteen year olds. Or didn't they cover that in SJW body affirmation?

Odd that you're interested in my sex life, which is just fine and not your concern. In return, I hope you do well with the pimply piewagons you prefer. Easy pickings I'm told, as long as you virtue signal properly.

On a separate note, change your name. You are definitely no Cyrano. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Goddamn! DeBergerac got knocked the fuck out!!!! Brutal takedown!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^How old are you?^^^^^

Anonymous said...

^^Not as old as you geezer! Thank God!

DeBergerac said...

Well, @12:58 I'm sorry you misunderstood that I had any interest in your sex like, though I do appreciate your best wishes towards my own and hope that someday you have one that involves more that one person being in the room.

Yes, I did speak poorly, the fantasies you indulge in do extend beyond fourteen year olds, I have to admit, IF you limit that to being fourteen year old in chronological terms, that is.

As far as my choice of names, do a bit of research, the original DeBergerac was no Cyrano either, so I'm afraid I'll pass on your command that I change my posting name.

And as far as your self-congratulatory post at 1:35 - you wish!

Anonymous said...

^^Ewww.... bad look dude, I posted the knocked the fuck out comment and you were. I didn't post the original comment at 12:58PM. Sorry, you got your ass handed to you and you deserved it. Take the L dude. You're embarrassing yourself now!

Edmund Rostand said...

Hmmm. Well, it's a mixed presentation honestly. You say you're not interested in my sex life, but then you go on to speculate about it further. Creepy. Anyway, rest assured there are no deficits, and that I remain attracted to women of a variety of healthy body styles. Please drop it now; your interest is unwelcome and unbecoming.

The rest? Weak sauce. Though I am not the poster at 1:35, they do provide good advice. We all lose sometime.

"But, sadly, of wit you never had an atom/And of letters you have only three--and they spell 'ass'."

DeBergerac said...

Hey, you read a book!
(Or more likely just looked it up on he web.)
It is a funny quote, but unfortunately it's from Brian Hooker's "translation", which is discredited as being "more Hooker than Rostand", so your choice of "nom de Post" is absurd.

So, Mr. Hooker, in your own words...
"Lightly I toss my hat away..."

Oh, and BTW, I chose my posting identity not from the play, but from the fact my Father's side of the family comes from the town of Bergerac! "and languidly o'er my shoulder let fall...".

Anonymous said...

^^^Stay down dude stay down! You reek of desperation!

Anonymous said...

Shut up clown, you just reek!