Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kansas City Love Fest Sunday Tour Guide

Our favorite suburban housewife magazine lists their favorite things about this cowtown and offer a few worthwhile suggestions or at the very least . . . A litmus test for every Greater Kansas City basic b*tch.


24 Reasons to Love Kansas City

Even naysayers and Debbie Downers have to admit the metro is having a moment. Whether you're in Kansas City proper or one of its sprawling suburbs, you'll find evidence that the city is booming - and doing it with style. We have an irresistible panache the world is beginning to notice.


Anonymous said...

Couldn’t tell with all the potholes and failing infrastructure, maybe the city could put some salt down on the ice covered streets and I could investigate this “booming” town.

Anonymous said...

Well don't you know we have 25 million tourists. We have a concierge on every street corner. That's says a lot.