Friday, February 22, 2019

Kansas City Friday Morning News Stroll

Instagram hottie celeb Demi is bundled up but not really as her newsworthy hotness inspires our morning along the path of fashion and pop culture, checkit:

Egotastic: Demi Rose Concentrates On Covering Up While Getting Out Of Car In Insanely Short Dress

CNN: Iranians attack police after women detained for wearing hijabs 'improperly'

WSJ: Who Needs Gender? Why Men and Women Are Dressing Identically

Closer to home, these local news links also inspire our early morning . . .

Kansas City Hobo Hard Time Persist

Kansas City homeless shelter out of basic foods due to weather, more clients

Kansas City, MO - Due to the wintery weather and a record number of people staying at the shelter, the Kansas City Rescue Mission says its food pantry is out of the basics.No one is being turned away however, according to Juliann Hansen, shelter spokesperson.

Weed Diversity Losing Battle???

Attempts at diversity in medical marijuana could spur legal challenges

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The medical marijuana industry in Missouri is months away from its first sale, but legal challenges against state regulations could delay any prescription from being filled. One proposal, aimed at ensuring diversity in the new industry, could draw legal action against the state. Two Kansas City lawmakers -- Sen.

KCK Food Desert Solution

This is what the downtown KCK grocery store could look like

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - People are one step closer to finding out what the new grocery store in downtown KCK will look like. The Unified Government and The Merc Co+op, who will be running the store, hope to break ground in June at 5th & Minnesota.

Weekend Weather First Look

Scattered showers possible Friday evening

Temperatures will again climb into the 40s for your Friday. Scattered showers are possible in the evening.

Reviewing Fanboy Wishlist

Kansas City Chiefs: 5 offseason needs in 2019

The Kansas City Chiefs were essentially six inches away from playing for the Super Bowl. All Dee Ford had to do was line up onside, and the Chiefs are headed back to the big game for the first time in 49 years. Next season will be the 50-year anniversary of the franchise's one and only championship ring.

McTavish Weekend Agenda Posted

7 Extraordinary Non-Snow Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Tell ho-hum to take a hike. Say so long to the snow shovel. Then throw yourself at weekend happenings both extraordinary and fortunately snow-free encompassing amazingly catchy pop, unusual standup comedy and the St. Patrick's Day season's super-lively kickoff hooley. Whatever happens, it won't be the same ol' same ol'.

Boogie - Rainy Days (feat. Eminem) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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I promise I'll nice today.

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KCK grocery looks like it is designed by Edgemoor.

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^^ Dumb says the fool who is so fucking dumb he spends all day in here thinking he makes a difference acting stupid. I'm real close to outing who you really are bitch.

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^^^dumb says the fool who is so fucking dumb he spends all day in here responding to anonymous posts on a comments section on a blog. I'm real close to laughing my head off at your ignorance v& incompetence.

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Rose takes cover after being exposed!!!

(recycling local headlines)

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Any black person who wants a marijuana license but can't qualify should automatically be given a Colt 45 distributorship as a consolation prize.