Friday, February 01, 2019

Kansas City Friday Morning News Look

Hottie Kimmie and her promo goodness inspire this morning's collection of some of the most important pop culture news items:

USMag: Pete Davidson Joins Kim Kardashian, Kanye West to Celebrate Kid Cudi

Bustle: Kim Kardashian Got A French Manicure In 2019, So The '90s Are Officially Back

WaPo: Kim Kardashian is still fighting for criminal justice reform

Closer to home these local items are also worth a taste:

Kansas City Ultimate Fanboy Honor

The Kansas City Red Coaters Are Looking for New Members

The Red Coaters' tradition is as old as the team itself, dating back to the franchise's first days in Kansas City. They drove ticket sales through much of their history, but their primary focus today centers on serving those in need throughout Chiefs Kingdom.

Kansas City Snake Oil Winning

Life Equals shoots $2.35M oversubscribed funding round

Well, that didn't take long. A freshly raised $2.35 million investment round will be a turning point for Life Equals, taking its brand to the national stage, said Kyle FitzGerald, announcing the funding Thursday at Startland's Startups to Watch in 2019 celebration. Life Equals was selected as No.

Diploma Mill Reprieve

Students, staff able to get property out of now-defunct Vatterott College

Students and staff blindsided by the sudden closure of Vatterott College last month were finally allowed to get their belongings from the building.

False Hope That Your Junk Has Value

'Buccaneers' in Kansas City area find hidden treasures in local homes

LEAWOOD, KS (KCTV) -- Normally when a person thinks of treasure, they begin to conjure up pirate imagery. However, people around Kansas City can find treasure much closer than they imagine. There is a flurry of activity in one house in Leawood. The owners are moving and selling nearly all their belongings.

Walking Local History

The African American Heritage Trail Will Map Kansas City's Black History

Lincoln Cemetery. Western Baptist Bible College. Wheatley-Provident Hospital. Compared to the 18th and Vine area, these are among the little-known locations important to Kansas City's African American history. But they may be better known by summer. They are among some of the more 130 suggested sites for the proposed African American Heritage Trail.

Catholic Kindness To Hobos

Bishop Sullivan revamps soup kitchen into 'restaurant'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - "How are you this evening?" Cheerful service. Ambience lighting. Exposed ceiling beams. Original brick walls. A little jazz music and conversation. And, of course, healthy comfort food. These are the makings of a great night out. That's the approach on Troost takes at its brand new , redefining what a soup kitchen should be.

McTavish Offers Alternatives

6 Non-Super Bowl Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Whether you don't give a bleep about the Super Bowl or regard America's King Kong of sporting events as essential viewing, this weekend isn't only about the big game. It can also be about building dreams with young hands, laughing at hilariously insightful stand-up comedy and rooting on your favorite tough cookies on wheels.

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