Friday, February 15, 2019

Kansas City Early Link Overview

A glimpse at some of the important news links for right now . . .

Kansas City Weekend Agenda

5 Wonderful Ways To Mingle In Kansas City This Weekend

Instead of keeping folks at arm's length, try meeting them at the elbows this weekend. Which is to say, let's mingle. It might mean yee-hawing, speed-dating, cosplaying, beer-drinking or sharing a spontaneous laugh, perhaps even at your own expense. If you find yourself giving more than receiving, there's nothing wrong with making someone else happy.

Downtown Booze Scene Grows

Tap List | Taps on Main Opens & Plenty of Beer To Love

Legendary actor Bill Murray has a reputation for jumping behind the bar in cities across America and taking over drink-slinging duties. For those of us who are not Bill Murray, what if we could pull the tap handle and let the beer flow? Taps on Main (1715 Main St.)

Local History Sailing Away

KC's Arabia Steamboat Museum plans to ship out from City Market in a few years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- - The sprawling Arabia Steamboat Museum has served as an anchor tenant in Kansas City's City Market since 1991. But now it appears those days are coming to an end. "When it's time to move, it's time to move," said David Hawley, owner of the museum.

The Kansas City Football Sift

The Boardroom: Which Chiefs stay and which Chiefs go?

With the 2018 season in rearview mirror, we're eagerly anticipating free agency and the NFL Draft down in the lab. This week, on the AP Laboratory , we launched a series we'll be doing throughout the next few months called "The Boardroom," where we'll be making decisions as if we're in charge of the Chiefs.

Tragic Cold Weather Warning

Police say 24-year-old man found dead in NKC rail yard slipped and fell

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 24-year-old man died Wednesday night trying to cross the train tracks in North Kansas City, police said. Railroad employees found Edgar Alarcon-Suarez dead in the rail yard near I-35 and Bedford around 8:15 p.m. Authorities do not believe the man was trying to take his own life.

Kansas Road Trip Excuse

A small town coffee shop is giving youth a place to gather

Baldwin City, KS - The small Kansas town has been lacking in gathering spots for youth in the community, according to 133 Coffee co-owner, Maggie Swanson. She says they started the shop in hopes of providing a space for young people in the area to gather and build community.

Kansas City Snow Day Forecast

Snow expected to slow travel Friday

A winter storm is expected to drop 4 to 6 inches of snow on Friday. The bulk of snow will fall toward midday to early evening.

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Anonymous said...

The Arabia Museum and Liberty Memorial both need to be turned over to the Smithsonian before the City and State manage to destroy them!

Their history is irreplaceable, and can't be left in incompetent hands.

Anonymous said...

^^thanks pops. Run that up the Smithsonian channels and get back to us. Please tell us that your plan to save it includes more than just posting on a blog for geriatrics??? Cause, that would be pretty worthless and a massive waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Killers way back when down in the River Market, it was a great venue for a show. Apparently the noise down there during concerts was damaging some of the artifacts, so no more concerts. Maybe they can bring concerts back?

Anonymous said...

8:03, the Steamboat Arabia museum is privately owned and run, so the city and state won't bother it too much. The article does not say why they want to move, but I suspect it is due to the increasing cost of doing business in City Market. It's a really good museum, I hope they don't move too far away.

Anonymous said...

The article does say why they want to move. It's a city owned building, the city is jacking the rent up and the city wants to surround it on all sides with bars and restaurants that create possible hazards to the collection. Because KC just does not have enough bars and restaurants.

I hope they come to Independence.

Anonymous said...

@9:19, read the article - the "why" is, the City is pushing to turn the City Market into some sort of P&L District clone. The most likely plan is to move it to Jefferson City, if the Legislature will get behind the move.

Anonymous said...

@8:33 thanks for wasting everone's time calling this thread a waste of time. Run along and play now, the people who actually want to say something about this topic are posting.

Anonymous said...

^^when did anybody on here ever have anything to say??? Hilarious!!!!! Know where your are fucktard! Everybody on here is terrible!

Anonymous said...

Jefferson City would be a good place for the arabia steamboat museum. Silly that the city chasing bars and restaurants instead of doing minimal effort to retain a treasure like this.

As far as the comment about loud concerts vibrating the museum objects. Maybe so. What I find astonishing is if you go to the Nelson art gallery on their silly 3d Thursday events there is a DJ in the bloch side very near the entrance to the atkins side. I've ran away from the ridiculous low-brow scene and stood in the atrium by the Greek lion, a huge 3,000 year old marble statue held together by nails, and felt the vivrstions from the loud DJ in my chest. They are ruining the nelson art gallery with these lame parties. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

^^You're old and angry. Oh and boring too. Don't forget boring!

Anonymous said...

Oh, @12:49 with you around, we'll never be able to forget boring!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ LMAO!!!
Weezer @ 12:49 JUST GOT KNOCKED OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring the Mob and the tittie bars back to the Market.
Civella knew how to run a place.
Except when he got pissed and blew it up.

Anonymous said...

The inside of buildings on east side of city market smell like a waste water treatment plant, why?