Thursday, February 21, 2019

Kansas City Drivers Push Back Against Parking Tickets Amid City Hall Snow FAIL

An EXCEPTIONAL question and local traffic enforcement & precaution info today . . . Take a look:

Parking Control & The Snow

Parking control is handing out tickets near 41st and Oak, if you’re parked too far from the curb due to snow drifts. And then someone else responded that they ticketed her at around 41st and Walnut.

Seems like an unfair thing to me when the city can't clear the streets to the curb?

Update and confirmation after TKC:

KC residents confused about where they're allowed to park when it snows

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Chicken shit move by a wanna be parking cop.

Anonymous said...


It's so blissfully simple! Are you all morons?

Mr. Big Pants said...

^^^ Park where. You shit your pants hipster! You're getting to be as bad as the geezers.

Get back on the bus and make sure my fries are hot and salty.

Anonymous said...

8:12: And let them eat cake!

The city can't do its job and keep the streets clear, but the cops can take advantage of the situation to generate fines. Is this a great town or what?

Anonymous said...

Kansas Citians are eternally confused by traffic laws, parking, et al. Kansas City is a sprawling small town.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Sad but true.

NicK Beach said...

Stop Parking On The Street