Kansas City Domestic Murder Uncounted

Tragic story of a family demanding justice for their daughter's death after they claim she was mercilessly killed at the hands of her domestic partner. Read more:


  1. He's black, it's Jackson County, he'll get off with only a slap on the wrist.


  2. I think we really need to demand that black people take some classes on how to enter act with other people and how to disagree without killing. I really do think most of these people have something really wrong with them.

  3. ^^Well don't think, because you don't do it well. Now go watch Maude. It's more your speed!

  4. Black people can't interact with others. Hell they can't even interact with themselves. They couldn't 200 or so years ago and with chances of an education they still can't. Vast offerings have been made available to them over the past 60 years like never before in history and they still can't better themselves. Blacks have a huge history of being uncivilized as was proven when their own kind sold them to white and black traders as slaves. The only improvement they can lay claim to is they have gone from being spearchuckers to 9mm blasters. You can't fix stupid and blacks appear to have a DNA that makes them stupid. So lets move all out of Africa who want to leave and move all the blacks back to Africa and see how long it is before it all goes up in flames. Not long I am betting.

    The sad part of all of this is the fact there are a few really good level headed blacks out there who for whatever reason have made good stand by in silence while catching the collateral damage being caused by the uncivilized ones.


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