Monday, February 18, 2019

Kansas City Dead-Tree Fight For $15 Co-Sign

Funny the newspaper is speaking up now given that they were mostly silent during the municipal & Statewide arguments on this effort. Here's local news offering up DNC approved chatter that is important but served as only one voice out of many arguing for higher wages and, of course, ignoring the much greater threat of automation replacing most American workers on both the high & low end of the pay scale.

You decide . . .

Fight for $15 recognizes the needs of those who work hard | The Kansas City Star

Even working 40 hours a week - and at times working two fast-food jobs - I still rely on food stamps to feed my three teenage daughters. Paying the bills is a challenge. Skipping meals is sometimes necessary.


Anonymous said...

Find a better job.

Anonymous said...

What Bullshit !

Anonymous said...

These folks need to understand that they've become the day before yesterday's news.
There's a new "cause" or "movement" created out of thin air and someone's "outrage" almost every day.
It's hard for the activists to keep track and even more challenging to keep stocked up with cardboard and Magic Markers for signs.
And for the general public, all this marching around and protesting has just become background noise.
Get some free technical training or more education, develop a better skill set, and find a better job.
It's sad to watch these people be taken advantage of as cannon fodder by politicians and organizations who know better.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that this guy has no more career aspirations than to be a Senior Hamburger Flipper. Especially when he has other mouths to feed.

Or it could all just be a lie.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Star Promotes Racial Stereotypes!

"I work at McDonald’s. I’ve been working fast-food jobs since I was 16 years old — 22 years total. With over two decades of experience, I’m still paid just a few dollars more per hour than I was paid 10 years ago." - Terrence Wise

The Star continues to highlight this individual, as they've done for years, while all the ambitious hardworking young black people who are achieving in life go unrecognized.

This is INSTITUTIONAL RACISM. This is the Kansas City Star.

Anonymous said...

What happens when the Star has to pay it's staff $15 or more? Even more layoffs

NicK Beach said...

if you cant pay a living wage you dont need to be in business. your just creating unnecessary competition and job creation dont mean shit if you need more than one to survive