Kansas City Crown Center Ice Rink Confronts Nicer Suburban Upscale Competition

A metro tradition has a new rival in a faraway mall complex that doesn't host as many hobos or angry downtown denizens. Take a look:

Prairiefire is getting an outdoor ice skating rink

The 100-foot-by-120-foot rink will be located on the north border of 135th Street between Nall and Lamar.


  1. You will be able to kiss Crown Centers good by. Only the JoCo people support Crown Center anyway.

  2. ^^Geezer please. You have no idea what you're talking about! You've NEVER even been there! Now if I want some info on Bob Evans or the Dollar Store, I'll come to you. Now go away now.

    1. Scooters dont go that far and i doubt mom will let you use her debit card after last months Chaturbate fiasco.

  3. Hey 12:52 you're so full of stupidity. I use to go there a lot. Probably will start going to Leawood location once it is done because my kids will be old enough to start learning how to skate. I've been skating some in western Shawnee because it's to big a pain in the butt to drive to downtown, deal with parking and hope my car isn't broken into while there. So yes I have been there and yes I no longer go there. Man you have to be one miserable piece of crap to be around daily. The cost to skate helps keeping some of the trash out of Crown Center and the fact kids have to have an parent with them which appears to be in short supply in Kansas City, MO. But when Prairie Fire opens it will hurt Crown Center bad, real bad. Kansas will win again. And before you say it Nordstrom was no loss because a majority of us didn't shop there anyway.

  4. ^^Cause you couldn't afford it, we know!! And since you longer go to Crown Center as you say, then how in the fuck do you know "only JOCO people support it" anyway???? You fucking don't! That's what 12:52PM is getting at!!Keep your worthless ass in Frogville pops, nobody wants you down here! God, why are old people so fucking stupid???????

  5. To think Crown Center won't feel the crunch of this ice rink is simply being unaware of who likes to ice skate. Rather or not it kills Crown Center remains to be seen but no doubt it will hurt them. Ice skating rinks succeed based on popularity, location and ease in getting to them. Prairie Fire can offer several close things shopping and eating wise that Crown Center can't. Guess we wait and see but I'm sure the movers and shakers at Crown Center are not real happy in hearing this news.

    Besides KCIce is going to run and manage this rink and has a proven track record at operating ice rinks.

  6. ^^Crown Center can't offer shopping and eating? Jesus Christ, do you even read the shit you write? Have you ever been there dummy? Where do these morons come from?

  7. @2:55 As a matter of fact I have many times but any moron who has been down to Prairie Fire and along 135th can see many and more options are available to choose from then Crown Center has to offer. Crown Center only has a small handful of shops in it with mostly mall type food. While Prairie Fire is surrounded by some of the more popular spots in todine southern Kansas City.

    As I said we will see but my next question is when did you go ice skating last? Do you even own a pair of skates? I do and I skate as well and have since I started doing so as a lad at King Louie Ice Chateau in the 60's. I now skate in Leawood and Shawnee no longer any reason to go downtown for outdoor ice skating.

  8. ^^sure dummy. The American Restaurant is "mall" food. Da' Bronx is "mall" food too. So is Fritz's. Jesus Christ stupid dave...stop posting. You're fucking dumb!

  9. Hey dummy at 3:49 The American is closed and Fritz's is just a burger joint. So I'd call that mall food yes indeed I would.

  10. Brandon Love2/26/19, 4:17 PM

    White People sure know how to create beautiful things.

  11. So this Ice Rink will open in mid-August, right?


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