Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Kansas City Confronts CBD Job Risk?!?

Both Missouri & Kansas have sketchy and nearly non-existent worker protections so worry about this derivative and snake-oil trend shouldn't inspire any more fear than the run-of-the-mill wage theft that powers most local industries.

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Can using CBD products cost someone their job?

While cities like New York have cracked down on CBD in food and drinks, that is not case in Kansas City. But how much of it people consume is important and could have an impact on whether or not they land their next job.


CBD Influencer on Twitter said...

It's some good shit trust me!

Anonymous said...

It helps construction workers. Look at the nice job they did at Woodside Village Apartments

Anonymous said...

It's helped the guys who run the city's pothole task force.

Anonymous said...

Does CBD get you off though? Honest question... I thought THC was the reason and this is the “benign” component, so to speak.

Very truly yours,


Anonymous said...

Big laughs at the Woodside Village comment.

Man what a fucking dump that is.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain cell left and an $80,000 a year job's not going to take the risk of losing it over snake oil.