Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kansas City Coffee Shuffle: Thou Mayest Brewing Comeback Plan In Shawnee

Here's what worked about this KCMO coffee venue . . . THOU MAYEST made all of that b.s. coffee shop talk, hype and biz planning seem just a bit more credible because the location was "vibrant" and managed by people who actually believed the creative class hype. Of course, at the end of the day the rent was just too damn high. BUT, that's exactly same problem confronting most of the planet.

And so, we send our best wishes to these Kansas City coffee dreamers and hope for their triumphant return to the trendy side of the State Line sooner rather than later . . . Take a look:

Thou Mayest sprouts fresh coffee concept in the suburbs: Cafe Equinox

Coffee needn't be melancholy or monochromatic, said Thou Mayest founder Bo Nelson, bathed in warm sunlight at Cafe Equinox. "We have to wake people up," said Nelson. "We're trying to celebrate the diversity of life - humanity, plants, music, art - so many collisions. It's not a distraction.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully these guys won’t be ignorant assholes like Danny O’neill, the fuckwad who owns the Roasterie and tried to bully a cop.

Anonymous said...

O'neill is probably their mentor.

Tracy Thomas/No More Taxes Shawnee said...

I love Family Tree Nursery --especially the one in Shawnee. Woody--the tree manager knows and recalls all 15 of the specimen trees I have bought from him. He asks, "How's your Hanae Matoi doing?" like it's his niece. And yes, the inside nursery does have that good vibe. Essential. Cheerful happy normal people. Can't wait to visit Cafe Equinox. Kick back on those used sofas and plan how No More Taxes Shawnee (on FB) is gonna defeat the deceitful May 21 mail in ballot for some $38 million Taj Mahal health club an hour's commute away! (As TKC calls it, the Shawnee Swindle.)

The truth is, the lululemon crowd out west is in love with their lycra. Obsessively peddling their ellypticals between Botox appointments, to keep up with the Joneses in Lenexa. But MOST FOLKS are couch potatoes. We don't "gym". We chill. Our style is much more suited to Cafe Equinox. Sit down, sip your coffee, enjoy some tasty gluten, read TKC/ SMELL THE ROSES!

Anonymous said...

^ What is this rambling gibberish?

Why don't you try reading the post so you can actually stay on message here? Let me help you. It was about coffee. Specifically one coffee company.

Can you try again? Actually whatever you write is not going to be that interesting. So never mind.

Anonymous said...

she's the "cool wine aunt" of TKC. Pay her no heed this is like her most depressing day of the year.