Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Legacy of Tony G. Desperately Defended By Fanboys

There's no getting around the Hall of Famer spiting in the face of Kansas City fans even if he doubled back to spin his statement. Now, denizens of the sport scenes simply deny the tough talk and work to make locals forget the insult to this town and all of the suckers who plunk down their money year after year to fund the next playoff loss and opulent luxury of Clark Hunt's Arrowhead Suite.


Tony Gonzalez won't be going in the Hall Of Fame as a Chief or Falcon because that doesn't exist

Many Kansas City Chiefs fans are angry at former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez after a poorly thought-out tweet and an unfortunate statement to Atlanta-based reporters during Super Bowl week. Gonzalez has since apologized to Kansas City fans. I'm not here to tell you that you're right or wrong to be mad at Gonzalez right now.

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