Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kansas City Bike Share Rebrand Because NextGen Would Rather Ride E-Scooters

Gen Z doesn't want to show up to their location stinky and our of breath like their good-y two shoes millennial, Gen-X & Boomer colleagues . . . And so cycling is taking a hit as locals are disinterested in bikes.

Accordingly, this tragic fact of life has paved the way for yet another City Hall contract giveaway that's mostly political. Found by the best & brightest of our blog community and shared to start the morning:

BikeWalkKC's Bike Share program to get new look after KCATA Board approves agreement


Anonymous said...

As long as the scooters have no limit they are a valid form of transportation for our beefy youth.

Disgruntled Taxpayer said...

Constantly amazed at all the waze City Hall can waste money to distract folk from the fact that the streets suck, the airport is a swindle, and gosh, what was that 123GOBond thing gonna fix???