Friday, February 08, 2019

Kansas City Bar Minus Booze

Kansas City sober hangout and the one hipster trend that deserves just a bit more attention if only to offer a meager alternative against the onslaught of local drinking opportunities. Take a look:

Tired of Kansas City's booze-centric culture? Check out Sans Bar KC

Marissa Webb Tonkovic Angela Braun describes herself as "sober-curious" - she drinks occasionally but is interested in exploring a social life that isn't built around alcohol. So, this past New Year's Eve, she tried something new, transforming her Waldo hair and yoga studio, Hagoyah, into a nightlife venue, with a dance floor, live music, food, and drinks.

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Anonymous said...

Whats the matter with you woman? Drink daily. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bed for optimum vitality!