Monday, February 25, 2019

JoCo Cost Of Living Spike: High Taxes In Golden Ghetto Despite Crime Spike

Newspaper runs hype for local government that's suffering push back for raising fees whilst services and protection plummet. Take a peek:

Johnson County residential appraisals up modestly this year | The Kansas City Star

Johnson County's residential appraisal notices go out Monday, and most homeowners will see increases from last year. But the market has cooled somewhat, so values aren't skyrocketing as they were in the past.


Anonymous said...

Map indicates that the queers in Fairy Village will be hit in the ass the hardest....oh that is normal.

Anonymous said...

Bummer - not looking forward to seeing my 8-10% increase. Hopefully the county will have a corresponding adjustment to the mill rate due to the appraisal increases.

JoCoPost said...

8:51, hope is not a strategy that is often successful.

I see most of Shawnee will go up 5 to 8% in valuations thanks to Mr. Thumbs Up, Paul Welcome, county appraiser.

The "Three Monkeys" Shawnee City Council is still advancing their deceptive no sunset/no earmark mail-in ballot May 21 for a miniature BUT INFERIOR version of Lenexa's nearby rec center. The price of envy is $54 million, not $38 million. Paid by a 52% INCREASE IN PROPERTY TAXES FOREVER.

Opponents are gathering 7:30 Tues. nite at Dan Pflumm's bank, Johnson Drive and Nieman, park in south lot, use the back door. Like a speakeasy for a two-fold campaign: defeat the WANT of the richest western residents on the backs of eastern Shawnee.

And I didn't call this meeting! Former Councilman Dan Pflumm did. I will of course attend. The momentum has shifted decidedly against the Shawnee Community Center.

I predict this meeting will be the launch of a NEED to replace the six of nine council members running for re-election in Aug. and Nov.

Remember, Merriam and the car dealership. Defeated the mayor, 4 councilmen and Pete Heaven the city attorney. All for being tone deaf to voters and homeowners.

Either the sitting council AMENDS THE BALLOT TONIGHT, or says a novena for their re-elections.

Tracy Thomas
No More Taxes Shawnee on FB

JoCoPost said...

Oops! Just tilted my screen, to see yellow vs. orange on the STAR's imperfect map.
The eastern third of Shawnee is actually gonna be hit wit 8 to 10% increases.
Smaller homes are in high demand. Starter homes and for retirees. Being priced out of Joco.

While the Council plays Nero. Fiddling while Rome burns.
With Cheshire cat smiles on their smug faces: "I didn't vote FOR it, I'm just letting the voters decide."

Yeah, with a ballot so deceptive, vague and withholding the facts, it violates the 2018 AG Consumer Protection Act.

The Council has Stockholm Syndrome. Held captive by the staff, that fluffs them like a Pomeranian entering the ring at the Westminster Kennel Club. Defending a preposterous proposal. And forcing voters to mobilize, without so much as a newspaper to cover both sides. Because the Council is addicted to power and control and has no courage.

Either they AMEND THE BALLOT --BY VOTING TO DO THAT TONIGHT, or they deserve to be defeated. Just like homeowners will defeat the Taj Mahal rec center May 21.

Tracy Thomas
No More Taxes Shawnee on FB
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Anonymous said...

Good. Raise them high for a few years to get all the riff raff out. Sucks having high property taxes but if it keeps undesirables from living in your neighborhood it's a good move

The Truth said...

When hasn't appraisals not gone up in Johnson County? I have to fight them every year and every year they drop it back down. They do it hoping people won't protest the increase. Rather easy to beat them at their own game. But every year it's a game.