Sunday, February 03, 2019

Jazz District Deadly Shooting Pix Revealed

More than a dozen people witnessed this spate of local gunfire . . . So far nobody has said anything BUT, on the bright side, this photo related to the case has emerged. Take a look:

Two shot, one killed at 19th and Vine in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two people were shot, including one fatally, shortly before 2 a.m. on Sunday near 19th and Vine streets. Kansas City, Missouri, police were called to the area to investigate the sound of shots and located a victim in a vehicle who was deceased.


Anonymous said...

The guy died of natural causes. It’s perfectly natural to get shot if you’re out in a shithole ghetto area like 18th&Vine at 2am.

Anonymous said...

Prolly just another dust-up stemming from the old Coltrane vs Mingus debate.

Man I wish they would finally squash these jazz beefs

Anonymous said...

I thought Jean Peterpuffer outlawed death scene pix. Lol