Wednesday, February 13, 2019

High-Flying Careers In Kansas?!?!

Actually, yes . . . Here's a nice career article that our readership can forward to more ambitious youngsters far too naive and inexperienced to give up on their dreams. Read more:

This School Will Pay 50 People to Study Aviation in Kansas - and They Guarantee a Job Interview at the End

If you've ever dreamed of working in the aviation industry, now's your chance. All you need to do is move to Wichita, Kansas first.


Anonymous said...

The "Job Interview" - White Males, go through the door on the right, everyone else, thank you for helping us get our Federal Funding for this program, have some cookies on your way out!

Anonymous said...

Umm, isn't airplane travel going away in 10 years, 2 years before the end of the world?

Anonymous said...

beats law school