Monday, February 04, 2019

Golden Ghetto JCCC Slap Fight Exposed?!?!

Here's the problem with The Pitch moving to magazine style . . . They take WAY TOO LONG to get to the point, this one might be an enjoyable read BUT the fluid prose and testimony doesn't work to convey one of many construction beefs in this town. Take a look and come back and tell us if this article was worth the time . . .

A troubling lack of transparency is hobbling JCCC at a time when it should be celebrating

Zach Bauman A guy in mid-15th Century swashbuckler attire beckons you forward and up the walkways of the student center at Johnson County Community College. Rather than his usual feathered chapeau, the cartoon drawing dons an orange hard hat, with arrows pointed to show you how to safely pass through the boarded-up area that will one day be the college's new front door.


Super Dave said...

Holy Moly did that drag on......and yes to many it is still Juco and always will be Juco as when I started there in winter of 1970 in classrooms located all over Merriam and Shawnee.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100