Tuesday, February 05, 2019


A hope of respite for those who don't think that a chihuahua in a coffee shop is charming. Here's a glimpse of an effort to fact check people faking an illness so they can trample on the rights over everyone else . . . Read more:

Missouri lawmaker wants to crack down on 'fake' service animals

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) - Lying about a service animal would be a misdemeanor in Missouri under legislation that was partly inspired by stories of emotional support snakes and a peacock. The Columbia Missourian reports that Republican Sen.


Anonymous said...

Crack down on pitbulls, they should be bred out of existence.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, pitbulls are assholes.

Anonymous said...

Disagree @6:28 - pitbulls aren't assholes, their owners are!
The "American Pit Bull Terrier" breed is the most unstable of the large breeds, nearly as untrustworthy and the little "ankle nippers", but a lot more dangerous and harder to stomp to death when they go crazy.

Anonymous said...

This needed to be done a long time ago and Kansas needs to do the same. So wise up people and leave your fucking damn dogs at home. Wonder who would shit their pants if I took my snakes with me everywhere.

Barney Frank said...

So should politicians.