Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fading Pitch Shares Two-Faced Incentive Quotes From Kansas City Mayoral Hopefuls

Worth a peek if only to offer a glimpse at the monthly "magazine" struggling to keep up with the local discourse and playing softball with politicos about the bevy of giveaways that have dominated this town nearly a decade. Not many surprises here given that corporate welfare is widely accepted and the only push back has been a suitable amount of "affordable housing" gimmes offered in return . . . Checkit:

We asked Kansas City's mayoral candidates what they think about handing out incentives to developers. Here's what they said.

Jake Edmisten Over the last few weeks, we've been speaking with Kansas City mayoral candidates about how they'd use the office to approach the biggest challenges facing Kansas City. (Pick up our March issue, out next week, for a preview of the race.)


Anonymous said...

Most of them (particularly Jolie and Miller) say they are opposed to caps and want flexibility, but when their contributors show up with a development lawyer they cave in and grant incentives where none are needed. Corruption, pure and simple!!

Anonymous said...

They are going to tell you what you want to hear. Vote for Clay!

Anonymous said...

Notice how the losers at the Pitch didn't ask Clay anything?