Monday, February 04, 2019

Experience Kansas City Artsy Dystopia

A glimpse at scumbag art fueled by fancy verbiage and partially funded by taxpayer dollars . . . Here's a look at the creative class pouting:

Vistas of Decay in Mirror Eupepsia

The death drive was alive in Mirror Eupepsia, an exhibit about decay and transition. Monstrous portraits, deconstructed digital video, and haunting mythological symbols created an environment for the viewer to not only digest, but decompose, while held in the softness of collaboration.


Tracy Thomas said...

Oh dear, D as in Dreadful.
The author never learned the 5 W's, including Who, and Where....but I won't be going, anyway. this all ya got??

Anonymous said...

^^Thank Christ for that. You would just fuck shit up.

Kohl said...

Come to my block, I'll show you some artsy dystopia

Kohl said...

So beatnik