Friday, February 22, 2019

Enduring Late Capitalism For The Love Of It: Kansas City PepsiCo Plant Shutting Down

High fructose corn syrup is no long fashionable, trendy or an easy sell . . . Sadly, local jobs based on the manufacture of said byproducts are becoming a thing of the past. Read more:

PepsiCo plant to close in Kansas City come May

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Pepsi is packing up pop production. PepsiCo says they are closing their Kansas City doors in May 2019. A spokesman for PepsiCo says, "We anticipate being able to continue serving our customers and consumers in the area seamlessly."


Anonymous said...

There’s something that’s just so disconcertingly perfect about the notion that thousands of people are getting fired from a profitable company so automated systems can take over and produce even more snack foods for an increasingly idle and out-of-work population.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says world class city like business’s fleeing killa shitty!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes they are leaving. Wouldn't you the way Sly is doing business with everyone? Sly takes all of his cues from Bill De Blaiso in NY and that is just what KC is becoming. The motto here is... chase all the business out of your city.

Not Smart but neither is Sly!

Anonymous said...

Looks like workers will get to go to the Olathe plant. James runs off another business.