Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Double FAIL For Kansas City Jazz Dive

Nobody wins this court fight as recent shootings nearby imperil the entire jazz district. Read more:

Judge Rules Against Both Parties In Lawsuit Over Kansas City's Mutual Musicians Foundation

A judge has delivered a verdict in a lawsuit over control of Kansas City's Mutual Musicians Foundation, and it's a draw. Once the union hall for the Colored Musicians Local 627, the foundation is one of only two National Historic Landmarks in Kansas City (the other one is the Liberty Memorial).


Anonymous said...

Darn, no Escalade money!

Anonymous said...

Colored Musicians Local 627

They didn't allow white musicians to join?

Anonymous said...

You mean Mike Talboy helped out a nest of corruption?

Anonymous said...

So let's see - she stole the place blind, and they let he do it!
Outrageous that the Judge ruled they both were guilty!

Anonymous said...

Why is it black people can have all black institutions right up to this day?

Colored musicians union
Black history month
Black chamber of commerce
AME church

They cry discrimination so much and we never do.

Tear this building down it's ugly and is nothing to this city! Who cares about the history or lawsuit. Forget about it.

Anonymous said...

That is an ugly ass building.