Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dirty Kansas City, Kansas Coal-Fired Quindaro Power Station Shutting Down

End of an era for this bit of urban core blight across the State Line that has now outlived its usefulness and recently produced fines.

Sierra Club: Quindaro in KCK Is Poster Child for Pollution Impacts

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BPU to close Quindaro Power Station in KCK


Anonymous said...

The curse of AOC shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha she wants to shut everything down, and they all say they are moving forward. If they had their way we wouldn't even be able to ride cows because of their poop.

Anonymous said...

^^You fucking dumbfuck redneck rubes. It's called economics, dipshits. Now get back to digging ditches.

Anonymous said...

Right across the tracks from Esclade street.

Anonymous said...

Coal just keeps on winning. Bigly.

Another broken promise brought to you by fake president Trump.