Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Despite Grassroots Protest Shawnee Confronts Big Money Mail-In Secret Ballot

There was a great deal of resistance to this effort but, unfortunately just as Tracy warned us, Golden Ghetto politicos are taking the incentive lead from their KCMO counterparts.

Here's last night's ruckus . . .

Shawnee leaders put property tax hike for $38-million community center on ballot


"The Shawnee City Council voted to put the issue on a mail-in ballot in May, leaving it to taxpayers to decide whether they agree to a property tax increase to pay for the center.

"The 67,000-square-foot facility, which would be located at West 61st and Woodland, would feature an indoor aquatic center -- including a lap pool and lazy river -- a fitness center, gyms, a playground and multi-purpose rooms, among other amenities."

Here's more . . .

Shawnee City Council votes to put community center on mail-in ballot


You decide . . .


chuck said...

What an all out cluster this is going to be.

They can have "Midnight Basketball" there and serve free pizza.

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know, did you ask? Stop asking stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

LOL oh boy mail in ballot. They must be observing the hyped up farce known as KCMO.

Anonymous said...

If voters approve this then they get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Shawnee is bilking their tax payers for some developer friends. That’s all this is. Most people don’t get how this works. You are a business owner looking for some work$. You get to know people on city council. They explain to you that they can get you something done. You give them a sugar coated pretty idea they pitch.

If Shawnee really truly was in need of this they wouldn’t have to strong arm the money out of the people. Shawnee is a weird city anyway. Reminds me too much of desoto people.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they need a trolley to feel relevant.

No More Taxes In Shawnee said...

This is an insider scheme to suck money out of the tax payers for insiders. Normally, this would be just another garden variety, parasitical attempt to line the pockets of the "swells" which we all have to live with. The problem here, is, this will really cause some damage to the community.

If the local government overcharges, or steals when it comes to insider agreements on things like streets, then we just pay more for the streets than we should have and go on our merry, somewhat poorer way. This community center will create a real and present danger by way of the folks it will bring into the community, who will, commit crimes and diminish, dramatically, the safety of our families, neighbors and neighborhoods.

This initiative is pernicious, short sighted and profligate at best.

Anonymous said...

Shawnee is really KCK South.

Anonymous said...

This crap puts cities in direct competition with gyms and health clubs. Nice for government to take my tax dollars to run tax paying businesses out of the city.

JoCoPost said...

So grateful TV9 and Fox4 took the time to cover this!
They only had 10 min. to edit before 10pm news,
so no time for them to add our FB opposition page:

No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

Game on, Council.
More news coming soon.

I'm pooped and pissed.
Council is SO deceptive. Still time to amend the ballot wording, and actually SAY what it is!!

Love that the Plaid Dad commenter is really a shill for Dunn Construction!! THE CONTRACTOR WHO WOULD BUILD THIS CENTER! Huge conflict of interest. And announcer for Sporting KC.

JoCoPost said...

Here is what Tracy Thomas, organizer for No More Taxes Shawnee on FB,
who ran the campaigns that defeated Bi-State II and Big Soccer, just posted in response to "in the tank" online newspaper, Shawnee Mission Post.
Leah did a good job reporting what she DID include. But here's what she failed to share with readers. I testified on the looming specter of the "wrong crowd". Crime and disorderly conduct. Just 13 blocks south of the county line, this center will actually become the Shawnee/Wyandotte County rec center, since they don't have ANY true rec centers with sports. Just bingo day centers. Whyy? The UG/Dotte does not know any more than Westport or Plaza merchants, Cinemark Merriam or Oak Park Mall, how to manage gangs of idle urban youth!

Once there is an incident, all fiscal projections are out the window. No $ for off-duty cops to protect our innocent little Girl Scouts and scrawny spoiled white teens at this center.--from bullies! I reminded the council that In 165 years, neither Shawnee nor the Park Board have had a master plan. This is all a naive WANT, not a need. In a changing world.

The City's 4 page flier is all speculation and deceit.$38 million--but no mention of INTEREST? They refuse to put the actual amount of the property tax increase--IN THE BALLOT WORDING--on purpose. They COULD, but they WONT! Because 6 weeks after this might pass, they intend to raise the mill levy to the REAL amount, $15 a month, without voter approval. Thumbing their noses at the new 2017 Ks. Tax Lid bill.

This is a bait and switch. Just like the Merriam pool, which was changed 3 weeks after their vote. Or KCI Airport, promised $2 billion and no tax dollars. Now $4 billion, and the City borrowed $90 million, secretly starting dismantling--to prevent a mayoral race from going back to a remodel.

Leah failed to mention that the biggest "pro" citizen, speaking for 9 neighbors, is the rainmaker for new clients for AE Dunn Construction. He's for it so he can get voters to give the construction money to his boss! Jay Senter--that's a huge unreported Conflict of Interest! Disguised as happy happy joy joy--he promised his son's next birthday party will be held there. (awwwww). Dunn will pay for the cake!

Single working moms from the Dotte have told me they are so grateful to Shawnee voters. They may visit in the AM before leaving for work, leaving up to four ruffians for us to babysit. All day and all night babysitting of their tweens and teens--for 72 cents a day! Free towels, wifi, AC, basketball-- and innertubes for the Lazy River. One Mom said, "It takes more than the Legends outlet mall and Cinemark Merriam to raise a child."
I testified to that. Why doesn't SMP report it???

Would you send your grandchild to SCC to fend for themselves? I would not. Lime bikes at the front door, $1 to start,will allow teens to scope out how the other half lives, just a mile north to new KCK metro bus stops.

Voters are challenged to learn these facts...since SMPost keeps repeating the spin without challenging itlike I have for the past month. The Council is deceiving voters, with a Cheshire cat smile on their faces, "let the people decide." Afraid to lose the power and honor they enjoy. It's an addiction. But watch out. This will be a marketing and home value disaster for Shawnee. They don't know what they are doing. Or see this coming. Obsessed with keeping up with Lenexa.

Just some of what I said. See No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

Tracy Thomas/No More Taxes Shawnee said...

And then, Councilwoman Bunnells husband called me a racist.

And then both our comments taken down.
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Nick Bunnell tracy thomas • 35 minutes ago
Well, I'm sorry your original post was deleted since we are lacking context now. But that's okay. The meeting was recorded and posted on the city's website, as you know. Anyone interested can listen to your comments and decide for themselves.

Also, as a registered voter in Shawnee, I am as entitled to speak as you are. It doesn't matter that my wife is on the council. I speak only for myself.

I want the voters to have all of the information prior to the May ballot, but it should be based on facts. Take care.

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tracy thomas Nick Bunnell • a minute ago
Nick, your comments, too, were deleted. And I believe your comments are what led to mine being deleted as well. We were both kicked off, leaving the readers going, "huh"? Thanks alot, dude. Hard to get the word out with a newspaper that does not like controversy!

All comments appear intact on www.tonyskansascity.com, rh column, Top Stories. As well as on No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

OK, in your last graph, you state, sincerely I believe--that you want the voter to have all of the information prior to the May ballot. I agree.

So will you please ask your wife, the new Ward 3 Councilwoman, Lisa Bunnell (who replaced the accused sex predator teacher Justin Adrian who resigned) to immediately ask the City Manager, City Attorney, and Council to amend the ballot wording. Give the facts!
Say what it is, and what it is not.
This will eliminate the need for any "inserts" or never before allowed memo/speculations/illustrations/and non-binding verbiage-- by an Election commissioner, or the Mayor, or anyone else.

1. That the property tax increase has no sunset.
2. And cannot be repurposed in the future, once the GO bonds are paid off, for any new or different project. For Parks and Rec or any other department.
3. That $38 million does not contain the interest that will be paid to bond holders/investors since that will not be known until the bonds are sold.
4. That IF the mill levy is set, in July at 2.919 mills, to purchase a proposed 20 year bond, that current projections do not forecast this center ever being self sustaining.
5. The council maintains that it alone has the right to approve mill levy increases, not the public. As a currently allowable exception to the 2017 Ks. Tax Lid Bill.
6. If the council determines each year that it will require a higher mill levy than the guesstimate of 2.919 mills per year for building and maintaining operation of this one community center, at 61st and Woodland and nowhere else, Council reserves the right to raise that subsection of the mill levy, without another public vote...earmarked only to this specific project.
7. The Council maintains the option, however, of dipping into the General Fund as needed, possibly affecting funds for police and fire and other necessities.
8. This proposal calls for the City to hire and provide ongoing employee benefits to 17 new FT employees of Parks and Recreation.
9. There are no provisions herein for off duty police officers or the payment thereof from this or any other known source.

Disgruntled Taxpayer said...

Tracy is direct and blunt. But not a racist.
Joined a black church, marched for civil rights in 1968, registered black voters in the projects, served on board of Urban League, sponsored black musicians to sing in LA at church converences, has a black foster grandson, etc.