Thursday, February 28, 2019

Democratic Party Opportunity: Will Kansas Republicans Lose Senate Seat With SecState Pompeo Out Of The Contest?!?

A historic shift could have EPIC consequences for the Sunflower State GOP. Here's both a hint that progressives are making their move AND a glimpse that Conservatives are thinking about the future carefully. Read more:

Kansas Senate race splits wide open without Pompeo

The decision has raised the prospect of a GOP primary field that could draw at least five or six candidates, including Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state and 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee. Meanwhile, Democrats see Pompeo's absence from the race as a chance to win their first Senate seat in Kansas since 1932.


Anonymous said...

Doubtful, after electing a couple dems they’ve figured out that’s not the way to go

Anonymous said...

Depends on what turns up in Trump's Tax Returns- the entire fate of the Republican Party hinges around him - he IS the Party.

Anonymous said...

Anybody but Kkkobach or lonneytoons Waggle

Anonymous said...


Agree MN elected a terrorist who tweeted Allah Akbar after the Benghazi attacks and who is now under investigation. NY elected a wack job who thinks it's unfair for someone in this country to be rich except her and lies about where she's from, and how much money she actually has. KS has elected a women who is like Ross Perot she's for it one minute and against it the next, she can't seem to make up her mind.

Anonymous said...

^^call your protoclogist bud because you're butt hurts.

Anonymous said...


I'm not too worried.