Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cowtown Fancy Cooking: Elite Kansas City Restaurants Tout Culinary Tribute

OR . . . This is how an industry ruled by functional alcoholics survives by charging rubes for what would be middling fare in any other bigger, better metropolis. Don't order the fish:

Calling all foodies! Eight 2019 James Beard Award semifinalists in the KC area

Yelp: Jimmy N. SOURCE: Yelp: Jimmy N. It's not just BBQ! Kansas City is home to dozens of amazing restaurants, bakeries and bars, and now, eight semifinalists for the 2019 James Beard Award.


Big Eyes Big Teeth Big Hair - Ready to Breed With The Nearest Clown said...

It's like the food is really like, good, and it's all pretty and everything.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Tony Botello is right!!! Unless it’s food cooked by his mom and served in his mom’s basement, it’s not worth eating!!!

And how dare anyone move out of their mom’s basement and start their own business!!! Shame!!!!