Monday, February 04, 2019

Clay County Slap Fight Worsens

This troubled local government body embroiled in a bitter dispute is now attempting to drag one of Missouri's rising stars down with it. Here's the latest cry for help:

Clay County claims state auditor is dismissing subpoena; Auditor calls statement 'grossly inaccurate'


Anonymous said...

Come on Jerry, grab your eunuch, Jason, and fix this. You are the man. Right?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ OUCH. The clay county gang is playing for keeps.

Anonymous said...

Luanne and Gene can spend undisclosed amounts on an outside Law Firm to try to stall discovery of their misdeeds, but they refuse to comply with a legal subpoena from the State Auditor "in order to save costs for the citizens of Clay County"? BULLFEATHERS!

Time for the Governor to act - send the Highway Patrol in to seize ALL County Records, and then allow the Auditor's Office to access everything!

This gross chicanery has to stop! The two Commissioners who are responsible for this mess and who are now in "Panic Mode" need to face up tp the fact that "the jig is up"!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the commissioners are up to no good.

Anonymous said...

When did all of this mess start? Googled the county to find out and it looks like it started in 2015 when Nolte got elected. Figures.