Monday, February 11, 2019

Clay County Audit Lawsuit Push Back

Across the bridge, a political fight is soon to reach a climax. Critics claim this effort by the embattled Guv body merely wanted to avoid transparency whilst supporters say that the upheaval is also politically motivated. Here's today's latest installment. Read more:

Missouri auditor files motion to dismiss Clay County Commission lawsuit

The Missouri State Auditor's Office announced Monday that a motion has been filed to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the Clay County Commission. "Today's motion seeks to quickly bring an end to this unnecessary lawsuit. Thousands of Clay County citizens demanded accountability from their government.


Jesse James said...

The purpose of all the controversy, petition for audit, etc., has been to defeat the other commissioners so that the developers who have been trying to control Clay County for many years can regain control. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Commissioner Nolte has received substantial contributions from the developers. Nolte is a puppet for the developers and their consultants.

Woodson said...

Here's the same quotation, "cut and paste", that "Jesse James" posts every time the Clay County Audit is mentioned.
At least have enough respect for us to change a word here and there, "Jesse".!

So let me see, according to you, Jerry Nolte is the "Evil Genius" behind all this, and the other 9000+ people who signed the petitions, plus all the Clay County resident who support Auditor Galloway's investigation are fools and dupes, right?

Any chance that even a few of these "fools and dupes" are truly heartsick at the Chaos, Turmoil and Waste that as been going on at the Courthouse for the last several years, with two Commissioner combining to ride roughshod over the needs and desires of those same "fools and dupes", and highly placed Officials suddenly retiring and leaving?

Is there any room at all in your construct of the "Massive Conspiracy" between Presiding Commissioner Nolte and the Evil Developers (as opposed to the Developers funding Ridgeway and Owen- who must be the "Good" developers) for the existence of any desire at all for the chaos that is the result of two Commissioners continuous efforts to block any progress end?

No? Well then, just continue to "cut and paste" away, Jesse, just please take a few moments to explain to us "fools and dupes" sometime how Jerry Nolte has managed to trick the "Dastardly Duo" and their Minions into creating the Liberty Quagmire, will you?

Anonymous said...

It’s easy. Nolte (Ford) wrote a bill to help the company and he got the credit for putting his name on the bill. Then he sold out to the EDC who is full of developers and insiders. Now Nolte’s other friend (a developer from Liberty - not TH or CP, but CS wants to develop 150 acres around A Highway. There it is folks. Us folks living on A Highway don’t want the development but Nolte and his butt buddies do. The puppet of developers is Nolte.

Anonymous said...

Soooo - you want the developers who are supporting Ridgeway and Owen to build along Highway A?

And that is why the theft and other malfeasance in the County should not be exposed by the State Auditor?

Sorry, seems just a bit parochial to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiffy! Did you get your birthday card?

Anonymous said...

I think Withington has started to figure out that he has been used by Nolte. No matter how the audit turns out, Withington will have destroyed any reputation he ever had and still be a big zero.

Jason Withington said...

Being used by Nolte? Please explain. It wasn't even Nolte's idea to start the audit petition, but rather County Collector Lydia McEvoy's idea. Are you going to continue hiding behind anonymous?