Thursday, February 14, 2019

City Council Gives Plaza Short Shrift

Building heights are limited as developers cry bloody murder and threaten a petition. Here's a quick confirmation after TKC:

Kansas City Council Approves 'Plaza Bowl' Rules To Keep Short Buildings In The Center

The Kansas City Council on Thursday fast-tracked a proposal to enact height restrictions on the Country Club Plaza. The new rules, approved unanimously by the council, would limit building heights to 45 feet in certain parts of the Plaza as part of the "bowl" plan that designates shorter buildings in the center of the entertainment district and taller ones on the edges.


Dumb Asses Can't Be Taught said...

Great put the high ones surrounding the Plaza on the perimeter to block everyone's views and enhance the mass "echo chamber effect".

Anonymous said...

What Plaza?

The Plaza doesn't even exist anymore. It's just a congested and insane concrete mess filled with chain outfits.

Hardly a crown jewel by any stretch.

Anonymous said...

Money was made and they moved on. They can throw that bullshit up anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Plaza was not given short shrift. Plaza was saved. Thanks/appreciation to Historic Kansas City and others, like Councilwoman Shields, who SAVED THE PLAZA.

Anonymous said...

turns out progressives never have actually been for progress

Anonymous said...

@622 Also filled thugs and even more on the way when the street car dumps them off there. National chain stores don’t make a crown jewel. The real plaza has been lost forever. That Nike store is such a joke and magnet for the wrong “peeps”.