Friday, February 15, 2019

Celebrate Kansas City Silly Season Theater

This bit of campaign season legislation looks great on paper and might convince those who don't know how City Hall works. Unfortunately, most of these good intentions can be easily outmaneuvered many ways but mostly by emergency ordinances passed by politicos wherein most requirements & regulations are bypassed via legislation with "an accelerated effective date."

In other words, this is all fell good hype and only readers paying close attention will notice. Take a look:

Petition limiting tax incentives slated for June KC ballot | The Kansas City Star

How much incentive money should Kansas City give developers? That's a question Kansas City voters will get to answer this summer. An initiative petition capping tax abatements will be on the June ballot.


Anonymous said...

You'd better believe Jon Stephens, CEO of "Port KC" (formerly The Port Authority) backs this measure, passage would mean a shitload more Taxpayer cash funneling through his hands to Kansas Real Estate Developers!

When are we getting a "Port", Jon?

Anonymous said...

I comment to say how amazing it is that they got 2,300 valid signatures. Very well done.

To the comment above at 7:02 am, what do you mean? Please explain. Why would this enrich Kansas developers? What is the impact on the port authority? And have you seen the fight our eastern brethren are having in St. Louis, where there are two rival port authorities of St. Louis county? Do you have an insight into that mess?

Anonymous said...

Well, turnip, I mean Radish - in case you haven't been paying attention, Jon Stephens and the Authority are the means by which the City Government are routing tax money around the restrictive votes to do such little chores as funding hotels, building parking garages and extending streetcar tracks.

As far as benefiting Kansas developers, how many of the Cash gobblers who are reaping and raping this town do you think are based here?

And no, I'm heartsick enough at seeing my hometown destroyed, and don't need to go looking for more sickening messes, got plenty right here.

Tony Botello Cliche Generator said...

silly season

good intentions

easily outmaneuvered

in other words

fell good hype (sic)

paying close attention

Anonymous said...

But won't this petition restrict the port authority from doing those abusive things? I understand and share your concerns but isn't this voter initiative a step in the right direction??
Thanks, radish

Anonymous said...

Hell yes it's a step in the right direction, Radish, but "Port KC" exists outside of City Government, like the various TDDs do, so and restrictions placed on the City do not effect them.

And if they do get specifically included in any restrictive legislation, they'll simply dissolve and reappear under a different name.