Catholics Feed Kansas City Hobos

Fair play for Sunday . . . For all the hateration directed against the Church and the faithful, few of the harshest critics spend any of their time helping anything else but their fading circulation and subscription numbers. Meanwhile, here's a look at an urban core community living their faith. Read more:

One City Cafe, where the poor dine with dignity and jazz

KANSAS CITY - For decades, the poor, the homeless and the hungry in central Kansas City knew that St. James Parish and the Bishop Sullivan Center would help. In 1906, Msgr. John W. Keyes founded St. James parish and served as its pastor until his death in 1950.


  1. I suppose billy tammeus will have something bad to say because the Catholics are involved

  2. Yeah, and the tucking KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION would try to screw email, like they did tHE CITY UNION MISSION. Screw you JOSH!

  3. Feed them what ? Cock ?

    1. Only the boy customers under 14.


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