Can This Politico Clean Up Clay County?!?!

A bold declaration inspired by a local government tumult among middle-class white people that has ensnared politically active Northland residents for more than a year with very little progress besides some well-intentioned grassroots political action. Take a look:

Rep. Jon Carpenter to run for Clay County Commission | The Kansas City Star

Missouri Rep. Jon Carpenter said this week he plans to run for Clay County Commission, western district. That seat is currently held by Gene Owen. Carpenter said he wants to put an end to the bickering in Clay County leadership.


  1. Outlaw section 8 for starts.

  2. He's running against one of the "Dastardly Duo"?
    Enough said- he has my vote!

  3. Not going to sit through a 26 second advertisement just to watch that.

  4. OMG, another state Rep, no thanks. The two reps up at the county now have been criminals and the worst officials ever. I checked his voting record - one whacky liberal, no way. Signed a frequent voting Democrat.

  5. ^^Good for you! You bore me.

  6. Carpenter is term limited out and looking for a job.
    So called Dem, now allied with Repub Nolte and crooked developers.
    Nolte's October 11, meeting featured a lecture on TIF from the worst developer. Nolte has been leading the effort to create controversy in order to discredit the other officeholders in the hope that the others can be easily defeated.

  7. As long as we get Owen out of office, who cares who replaces him!

  8. ^ lol, replacing him with an AOC type, no way.

  9. Is the kid old enough to drive yet


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