Saturday, February 02, 2019

Can Senator Hawley Save Missouri Republicans From Next Blue Wave?!?!

He rode the coattails of Prez Trump into office against one of the most disliked politicos in Missouri history. Now he wants to help his pals put down some minor gains by Missouri Democrats. Here's a look at his strategy and the effort to increase his stature among Missouri Republicans who have always been lukewarm about this politico's prospects:

Hawley joins fundraising race, forms leadership PAC

WASHINGTON * Missouri's new senator, Josh Hawley, has formed a "leadership PAC," a fundraising vehicle separate from his campaign committee, joining a growing number of politicians who use such conduits to help other politicians win elections and curry influence in Congress. Leadership PACs help politicians looking to wield influence beyond their own elections.


Anonymous said...

If you read the star- you would think he wil Be in prison soon.

Anonymous said...

So we elected a ivy league coastal elitist job-hopping preppy law breaker.

At least he isn't a bitchy democrat.


Anonymous said...

Ivy league coastal elitist? He was born in Arkansas he grew up in Lexington. His schooling isn't any different from any Democrat moochers like Omar or Cortez.

Rabbi Fred Neulander said...

Hawley is just another whore for Israel.

Anonymous said...

do you have no sense of scale? What do you think elitist exeter twats think of rubes from the midwest. Hawley is a self promoting little shit Rockhurst boy that will gladly jump on any bandwagon to help his career. but most highschool boys will try to jump any bandwagon and st teresa's is there to help.

Anonymous said...

you KU and MU folks have done a really great job of fending off coastal elitists from ruining your economies.

Anonymous said...

welcome to st louis, gateway to the bi-state 1-70 midwest shitholes.

Anonymous said...

After his high school prep days at Rockhurst, get packed his bags for the San Francisco Bay and his undergraduate degree at Stanford. Across the pond for a year to study in London. Then off to the east coast Ivy League Yale for his law degree. Then clerked in DC.

Yeah, sounds like a typical midwest education path to me.

He got the hell out of flyover country as soon as he could.

He came back for a 2 year gig in Jeff City and said fuck this shithole, get me back to the DC swamp.

Bicoastal elite with a pedigree to prove it.