Monday, February 18, 2019

Camp Magazine Leads Community Journalism

An important talk with one of our newsie favorites and a quick overview of insights into this town. Take a look & listen:

Seg. 1: Camp Magazine. Seg. 2: Running Superman Retires. Seg. 3: Teen Activism

From a continent-wide softball competition, to a 'rainbow wave' in local government - there's a lot of news in Kansas City's LGBTQ community. We visit with the editor of Camp Magazine, to take a look at recent headlines. Segment 2, beginning at 13:20: A local icon hangs up his cape.


Anonymous said...

KCUR, Gina Kaufmann, Camp Magazine, John Long, LGBTQZ Agenda, and Liberals everywhere continuing to claim VICTIMHOOD STATUS requiring special legislation for their protection.

"'s just a charade brought by some Conservative Republicans." John Long

Notice how he completely dismisses the concerns of others.

" this era of lies that we see from the Trump Administration" John Long

Notice how he demonizes the President of the United States.

"So you think this is a matter of political leverage?" Gina Kaufmann "Yes, and it's not just Kansas" John Long

After insulting the Wichita community, he would seek to take away the rights of legislators with whom he disagrees!

For someone on the radio, do you notice how Gina Kaufmann sounds like a high school "Valley-girl" and her voice goes way high as she stumbles over words?

John Long, whom I've never heard before, appears to be a well-meaning but mentally deficient thinker who can't recognize his own bias and discrimination. While advocating for special-interest-group rights, he would simultaneously deny the rights of those with opposing views.

What do these Liberals close with?
The North American Gay Softball World Series! WTF?
These people are SEGREGATIONISTS.

Anonymous said...

Give these fruitcakes a bunch of naked men pics to look at.
That will distract their attention from anything else.
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