Thursday, February 28, 2019

Blame Newbie Granny Guv Kelly OR GOP For Kansas School Funding Gridlock?!?!

An ongoing debate in the Sunflower State gets even worse now the Democrats have a few more votes. Checkit:

Kansas Lawmakers Hit Session Deadline Without School Funding Plan

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly wanted a quick solution to the on-going school funding lawsuit, but lawmakers are leaving for a mid-session break without having approved a plan. They have until April 15th to agree on how much they want to spend on education and submit arguments for their plan to the Kansas Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

Guv Kelly said in her campaign "I know where the problems are and I know how to fix them". So far she has fixed nothing. She extended LGBT rights that are not needed but she did it anyway. She has proposed to refinance KPERS but her plan would have cost taxpayers BILLIONS more down the road than just making payments to the plan now, she was stopped. She did manage to get several women who ran as republicans to switch to the democratic side and all they got for that was to be put on the short end of the stick politically. Voters will remember their change AFTER getting elected so these dumb broads are done. School funding was supposedly a priority and half the session is done in Topeka and not a word about school funding from lady guv.

Anonymous said...

The GOP legislature has been dysfunctional for over a decade. Mainly because they are led by knuckle dragging misogynists (see above for an example and the reason women are leaving the Greedy Old Perverts).

They haven't even tried to write a funding formula since they repealed the old one.

Brownback, Coyler, Kelly - it doesn't matter who is leading the executive - the current idiots in charge of the House and Senate have no interest in making anything work.

Place the blame where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

keep your hands off my KPERS!

Anonymous said...

Never trust a woman that looks like Moe Howard.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:16 there is no need for a funding plan, only a plan to reign in the black robed dictators across the street as well as a few corrupt Dems like Tony Hensley who's a walking, talking conflict of interest on both School funding and KPERS.

Anonymous said...

^^^ WTF are you talking about?

There is a need for a funding formula so education dollars can be properly and equitably distributed atatewide. That's been recognized in Kansas since the 1960s.

Population distribution in poorer rural and urban areas have to be weighted against affluent suburban districts. Special needs funding has to be specifically recognized. Unique issues like English as second language students require attention.

Nobody (except you maybe) argues a formula isn't needed. The debate is what to include to address all the specific needs. The biggest error Brownback and the GOP made was urging the complex formula being thrown out without a replacement. Block grants were a terrible temporary band-aid that was supposed be last a year or 2 tops.

The GOP again fails at doing their most basic job. At some point, you have to govern. That's what the courts are ordering them to do. The judges haven't stepped in to write it themselves. Yet.