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Forgive our morning delay, we've been focusing on video games real work and had just a bit of sleep scheduling difficulty. Fortunately, MSM is mostly garbage so we didn't miss much and picking out the most important parts proves to be an essential function for this blog 24/7. On with the show . . .

Hottie Mariah has taken her magazine model game to Instagram with great success like so many other fashionistas. A few examples to offer insight on this newsworthy tech trend and the last social media platform to garner real public interest . . .

Daily Mail: Facebook and Instagram delete Tommy Robinson's profiles because the EDL founder broke social media giant's rules on 'organised hate'

Yahoo: £3m lost to Instagram 'get rich quick' scams in less than 6 months

Mashable: Ariana Grande is now the most followed woman on Instagram

Closer to home these local links inspire more contemplation . . .

Lesson In Playful Public Radio Headlines

Kansas City School Districts Support Pre-K, Oppose Paying For It With A Sales Tax

Kansas City's tangled school boundaries will make the mayor's pre-K plan difficult to administer, opponents argued Monday at a news conference in the Northland. "North Kansas City as a whole has 14 different municipalities, causing huge concern for our board of education and our community that only one of our 14 municipalities would be eligible for resources within the mayor's plan," said North Kansas City Superintendent Dan Clemens.

Kansas City Turns Into A Dump???

Kansas City should consider ending private trash collection | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City spends almost $11 million a year for trash and recycling services from private companies. that often have failed at the job. The City Council should consider citywide public garbage collection.

Ike & Grant Life Lessons Shared

Echoes of Grant: The Second World War Leadership of Dwight Eisenhower

One of the nation's top military historians, John McManus of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, examines the influence of Ulysses S. Grant on the military and presidential leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower. It continues a series of events coinciding with the exhibit Eisenhower's Middle Road.

Visit KC Celebrates Fake Numbers!!!

With tourism growing, new leader of Visit KC talks about the city's future

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Cranes are decorating the cityscape as they build new hotels downtown and bookings at Bartle Hall are on the rise. They're all indicators that convention business in Kansas City is making a comeback.

Golden Ghetto Fights To Save History

Some upset with Overland Park's plan to tear down park's bandstand

Some Overland Park residents are upset with the city's plan to replace the bandstand gazebo at Santa Fe Commons Park."It's probably one of the last remaining gazebos of its type in Johnson County," resident Ralph Beck said.Supporters of the old gazebo said they do not really have an issue with

Hipsters Schedule This Week

Birthdays at Ça Va and Tannin, fermentation discussions, and more: KC's food and drink events for February 25-March 3

Courtesy Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen Monday, February 25 Opt for a Tequila Ocho dinner at Waldo Thai (8431 Wornall). Chefs Pam Liberda and Kevin Foster, and mixologist Darrell Loo, will be creating a four-course meal with drink pairings (the third course being a family-style meal with multiple options).

Kansas City Winter Persists

Freezing drizzle possible Tuesday evening into Wednesday

We'll see a huge temperature divide across Kansas City Tuesday

Kehlani - Nunya (feat. Dom Kennedy) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I watched 40 minutes of morning cooking on the "news" and they didn't even finish the dish or show the recipe. Thanks for this quick run down TKC.

Anonymous said...

In a 2-7-19 post on TKC Dr. Gayden Carruth exposed the lie in Slie's pre-K proposal.
“According to the mayor’s plan, only 25 to 30 percent of the approximately $30 million in sales-tax revenue will be spent for direct services to children during the first three years.” This would leave Slie a $21 to $22.5 million slush fund which Slie has conveniently avoided stating what his slush fund will be used for. You can bet that after 3 years the direct services will be much less. The schools should definitely not support this money grabbing scheme.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ Damn good info!

Stinkin' Batender said...



Anonymous said...

Two big differences between Grant and Eisenhower, Grant didn't secretly send US troops to another country like Viet Nam, and there weren't three Recessions while Grant was in office.

Of course, the GOP in Grant's time was still Populist, and didn't get converted into the political arm of the Wealthy Class until 1888.

Anonymous said...

Sly's pre k just like the go bond.

Anonymous said...

11:15 you're full of crap. First off you can't really compare these two for what they did while in office. Things between the two presidents were so far from being alike it isn't funny. Ike was a very popular president and a Republican as well. But so was Grant he just wasn't a Republican. Oh and the only recession under Ike was in 1958, also known as the Eisenhower Recession, was a sharp worldwide economic downturn in 1958. The effect of the recession spread beyond United States borders to Europe and Canada, causing many businesses to shut down. It was the most significant recession during the post-World War II boom between 1945 and 1970 and had a sharp economic decline that only lasted eight months. By the time recovery began in May 1958, most lost ground had been regained. As 1958 ended, the economy was heading towards new high levels of employment and production. Overall, the recession was regarded as a moderate one based on the duration and extent of declines in employment, production, and income.
So stop coming off as stupid as Byron.

Anonymous said...

^^What a shitty job of plagiarizing you did. Real elementary school stuff.

Anonymous said...

^^^Who cares? This is not a creative writing challenge. The point is to provide information, and if copying and pasting it is the most efficient way to go about that, more power to the poster.

Anonymous said...

3:05 You need to just quit. Before you get the fuck kicked out of you again.