All Of Kansas Angry Over Schlitterbahn Waterpark Charges Sliding

Important quote and update on Friday's groundbreaking LEGAL FAIL following a Kansas political vendetta. Checkit:

Former Kansas attorney general reacts after Schlitterbahn charges are dropped

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Prosecutors in the Schlitterbahn case have a big decision to make tonight: will they re-file charges against three park officials where a 10-year-old died on a waterslide? Defense lawyers say they expect to be back in court, but will new charges bring a new result?


  1. When asked if there is some sort of lesser crime when someone’s hurt as a result of negligence, he said to think about if someone slips and falls after you don’t shovel your sidewalk.

    “Should you be charged with aggravated battery for your negligence?” Morrison said. “I would think not.

    With all due respect, Paul, if I sell tickets to my sidewalk so they can ride on it at 90 mph and tell them it's perfectly safe when I know otherwise - I would probably be liable for criminal negligence.

    The charges were drop because the AG was deceptive in HOW he handled the case, not in the decision to pursue it.

  2. This was clearly an abuse of power. All this did was make the family relive the tragedy over and over again, for what? So an angry politician dad could get revenge? The whole thing just sucks.

  3. They should put up a pedestal with a bronze bust of the kids head where the slide was as a memorial.

  4. Read

    Tracy nails it.

  5. Just remember, most of the consequences so far only happened because this was a politicians son. Kansas is heavily favored towards the corporation over the individual. Had this happened to another person's kid there would have been only a civil suit brought by the family and nothing else. There is a reason Schlitterbah chose Kansas after being denied to operate in multiple other states.

  6. Wrong! I'm not angry.

  7. OUR LOCAL GERRY SPENSE!2/23/19, 1:05 PM

    No anger here. Judge Burns ruled correctly, given the highly competent strategies of the defense attorneys. That video was a Hail-Mary pass tossed too wobbly and out of bounds.

    Carl Cornwell is the big bulldog of defense lawyers, and an astute watchdog of constitutional rights. His USMC tough mindedness adjacent a quiet intellect has served many clients very well. Those others of counsel for defense were no lightweights, also.


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