Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Linked in a compilation previously but here's a better link about all the Downtown Kansas City development which has mostly brought a bevy of churches looking to recruit more locals who are, in turn, looking for answers. Checkit:

The Church of Scientology is getting an extremely high-thetan-level deal in Kansas City

For the last eleven (11) years, the Church of Scientology has owned a large building in the center of the Crossroads and paid almost no property taxes on it. As The Pitch reported in 2015, Scientology bought the City National Bank Building, at 1801 Grand, in 2007, with plans to move its midtown operations (at the intersection of 39th Street and Main Street) to the Crossroads.


Anonymous said...

Holy Fuck, the last thing we need here are these psycho asshole fraud cultists!

Anonymous said...

You already have cults in downtown KCMO.
Take a look at the Downtown Council and the Streetcar Authority.
Mysterious rituals, chanting, and secrecy.
Also dubious, as in totally fake, claims and numbers.
And sacrifices of taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree that Sly and his bullhorn have a following! But as far as the church of Scientology, they need these buildings to keep from having to pay lots of money to the gov. Law enforcement needs to keep a close eye on these people they get pretty abusive when someone tries to leave them, and yes it's a major cult.

Anonymous said...

Good! All those homosexuals down there could use a little religion.

NicK Beach said...

make them pay property taxes, they'll leave